Day 3, January 7, 2014

Today, I had three new people (defined as those who hadn’t yet contacted me since the start of this project) reach out to me that I haven’t heard from in a while. One is an old childhood friend who remembered my birthday (and apologized for being two days late) and she was part of the reason I started this project. Dear “Roscoe”: I am sorry that the last time we caught up in person was at your baby shower and I am pretty sure your baby is almost two (or maybe he is two) now and I have never met him. But I felt I have, from seeing pictures and videos on social media. That is no excuse for myself and my behavior and I plan to correct this soon.

Another contact was an old work friend who contacted me to say hey and what was up. So, I filled him in on the story and we caught up a bit. Finally, the third was a friend that I speak to occasionally who messaged my phone to tell me about some family issues and ask for my support as a friend. He probably would have messaged anyway, but it is good that I received this information not from reading a blanket status update. It was good to have that personal conversation about it and it was also good to see that people still remember me or notice that maybe I am not around now and took the extra step to keep in touch.

I resisted the urge to check my email today. I realized that by the time this 30 days is over, I am going to have a ton of junk mail to sort through and thought that maybe I could go into my account and just clear some of it out, innocently enough. However, I decided that if I did that, it would be too easy to just check other messages and that would be cheating. I absolutely will not cheat on this. Easy to say three days in…and hard to do when you are front of your web browser and automatically find yourself typing “” in the address bar without a second thought.


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